How Are Fish Oil Capsules Made?



The process of making fish oil capsules isn’t as healthy as you might think. For a start, the fish oil goes through so much pressing, processing and polishing from the minute it comes out of the water that it’s a miracle there’s any real fish oil left. Although the impurities are meant to be removed by using hot water after the oil has been extracted from the fish, it is very difficult to truly remove them all since the water which the fish has come from is so polluted and toxic.

Fish oil producers have gotten themselves into trouble in the past for not warning the consumers about the toxins which are in the capsules, with over half of manufacturers failing to comply with the strict standards; however, people still remain unaware. The oceans and waters of the world are in many ways incredibly polluted. From plastics and other rubbish to the smoke and smog of city areas, the true state of the water is anything but pleasant. Due to the very high toxic density in plastic and the fact that fish often mistakenly consume it while swimming in the sea, the toxins end up in the fish oil capsule that you’re about to take with your next meal. For this reason, many vegetarians and vegans will instead prefer to take an alternative to fish oil, microalgae oil as it also contains DHA.

Other toxins which wind up in your fish oil capsule through the contamination of the water include mercury, the levels of which have risen 30% in the last 20 years. This isn’t a surprise to a lot of people; however, more shocking toxins which are ending up in your body via fish oil include lead, cadmium and even arsenic, something which not many of us would dare to touch. In fact, the world’s water is so polluted and toxic that experts have even suggested there may be hardly any fish left by 2048!


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