What’s Really Inside Your Fish Oil – Part 2

fish oil capsules with fish
Do you know where your fish oil comes from?

Of course, this doesn’t mean we should all stop eating fish from now on. But it should draw our attention when it comes to long term consumption of large amounts of fish oil supplements. We risk to, practically, burden our bodies with dangerous and harmful substances instead of doing something good for our health.

So, what is the answer to all of this bad news? The benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are unbeatable and our bodies obviously need it to function properly! And if fish (consider fish oil, as well), which is the richest source of fatty acids, is contaminated and can prove to be harmful if regularly consumed over long periods of time, how should we maintain our optimal levels of omega 3?

And here is the information that you, most likely, are not yet aware of! Finally, the good news: fish does not produce omega 3 fatty acids by itself either! How is this good news?! Well, exactly as it does with toxins, fish accumulate these fatty acids by consuming microalgae. So, both in the case of toxins as in the case of omega 3, the chain goes like this: small fish accumulate toxins from polluted water and omega 3 from consuming microalgae, then bigger fish consume the small fish and add to its body the substances that the small fish already accumulated, and so on…

And now, the next logical question – if we have identified the actual source of omega 3 fatty acids why, then, should we not go directly to that source to take what we need? And here is your answer: we, actually, can do that! You can find products with omega 3 extracted from sustainable algae oil instead of fish oil. Algae do not accumulate toxins, or heavy metals, or carcinogens what-so-ever. They are a pure source of fatty acids, so why don’t take advantage of that. The great bonus of algae oil supplements is that you benefit from all of the numerous properties of omega 3 fatty acids while completely eliminating the risk of having mercury, or cadmium, or toxins of all sorts accumulating in your bodies.

However, the purpose of this article is not to compare products, but to give information and draw attention. Don’t take anything for granted, but search for legitimate studies because you will find plenty of them on this topic. And it really is worth knowing all the ‘secrets’ of the products you think you are using for your well-being. I will just end with this question, which already seems kind of rhetorical: when being correctly informed and if given the choice, why wouldn’t you go for the full-benefits & risk-free option, especially when it comes to health?

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